City of Berkeley leads nation with ban on natural gas

Berkeley became the first city in the nation to ban the use of natural gas in newly constructed buildings in August. Since then, many other cities have proposed similar measures in order to reduce their carbon footprint and move toward renewable energy.
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We the people

What on Earth

It’s 8:12 a.m. when I stumble into my American Politics lecture. As I sip my hot coffee, I quickly grab an aisle seat in the enormous lecture hall, trying to tune into the class. We’ve been covering federalism, and today the professor brought in an example from the news: the Trump administration is trying to revoke California’s restrictive auto-emission standards.
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Students must mobilize to support equitable clean energy

UC Berkeley students can play a most immediate and hugely impactful nationwide role by reaching out to fellow students, parents and friends both across California and across the country to highlight how doubling down on equitable clean energy projects offers a rare and genuine win-win at a time when the country is more divided than ever.
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