The climate of change

On the Mark

“There should be a regular column on climate change, like there is a sports section,” my friend commented on one of my recent social media posts. The post generated a lot of debate among my friends. I compared people’s resistance to criticism of their personal acts of environmental degradation to
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More meat, more problems in ‘Cowspiracy’

There’s something environmentalists aren’t telling you, and there’s something the U.S. government is hiding from you. The investigative documentary “Cowspiracy: The Sustainability Secret” had its world premiere in San Francisco on Thursday, revealing hidden truths that will shock even the most informed eco-warrior. And yet the question is simple: What
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The man behind the world’s safest house

A real caped crusader lurks on Berkeley’s streets. Meet Eugene Tssui. With a resume that overshadows even the Dark Knight, the four-time master’s Olympics all-around gymnastics champion is, all at once, a flamenco guitarist, a Harvard University research scholar, a ceramicist, an author of seven books, a professor at Peking
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The end of the world


Well, here we are, finally: 2012, the year that supposedly ends in apocalypse. It’s the end of the world. Although the Mayans may have started it, the environmentalists are certainly keeping the hype alive. Well, at least they were, for a while. Nowadays, worrying about global warming just doesn’t seem to be cool anymore.
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