Haas School of Business prefers undergraduate applicants take classes for letter grade

Haas School of Business
Maya Valluru/File
According to the Haas School of Business website, students who will be applying for admission to the school are encouraged to take prerequisite classes for a letter grade. This has drawn criticism from students both in the school and outside of it.

UC Berkeley Haas School of Business published a notice on its website Friday stating that the admissions committee prefers that undergraduate applicants take prerequisite classes for a letter grade, despite nearly all undergraduate colleges having adopted a version of a policy allowing students to take classes for major requirements pass/no pass, or P/NP.
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Haas admission results released Friday

Undergraduate admissions decisions for the UC Berkeley Haas School of Business were released Friday at noon. The business school — ranked third in the nation for its undergraduate program, according to the U.S. News and World Report — accepted 269 out of 580 applicants this year, according to Erika Walker, executive
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