Reflections from Dub Nation

Dub Nation has always stood poised and tall. The everlasting journey to the pinnacle of the NBA has been filled with devastating losses and rewarding victories. Despite the humble beginnings, loyal Bay Area fans have bled blue and yellow from the start. We have witnessed heroes ascend and have dreadfully
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One last cymbal crash

“Pick up your heels! Turn your corners square! And drive, drive, drive!” This preperformance battle cry, screamed in proud unison by the entirety of the 200-plus member Cal Band in the north tunnel of Memorial Stadium, routinely marks the beginning of our pregame show. With that last scream of “drive,”
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The blind side


Sports television is a large part of what Americans consume on TV — Sunday Night Football is the second-most-watched program on television right now — but to whose benefit? According to The Economist, 40 percent of American athletic participants are female, and yet they receive only 1.62 percent of sports airtime on major sports networks.
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Softball ranked No. 1 in country

This early in the season, it doesn’t get any better than No. 1. In the entire nation. The Cal softball team received top honors in the ESPN/ USA Softball polls this week, after sweeping four straight schools in last weekend’s ASU tournament.