‘Very student-oriented’: Students reflect on study abroad experiences

Photo of UC Berkeley Summer Sessions and Study Abroad office
Ben Mefford/Staff
Whether hoping to improve their language skills, broaden their understanding of international affairs or explore their interests from a different perspective, Berkeley study abroad students report gaining rich knowledge and experiences from their travels outside of the United States.

Students who have studied abroad in London, Edinburgh and Seoul through Berkeley Study Abroad and Global Edge reflect on their experiences abroad.
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Sweet spots in Switzerland

When you hear “Switzerland,” you may think of chocolate, cheese, watches, army knives and the Alps. Switzerland is home to more than 8 million people and is a fantastic vacation destination to many more. Three years ago, I got to visit my older sister, who is currently studying in Zurich. She showed me some of the major attractions back then, and now, after living in Switzerland for a few years, my sister has found more favorites and sweet spots in Switzerland. I asked her a few questions on her favorite places and recommendations around Switzerland so that when you get a chance to visit, you have an idea of what to do.
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Phantasms of inclusion

Cal in Color

Just because UC Berkeley isn’t majority white doesn’t mean that it truly includes its Black undergraduates — and labelling our campus as POC-majority further erases Black students.
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