Hasty decision threatens co-op community

We, and our nearly 150 housemates at Cloyne Court, are facing eviction on May 16. Two weeks ago, Michelle Nacouzi, president of Berkeley Student Cooperative, sent an email to the entire cooperative system about a proposal that would severely alter our home. The proposed eviction is part of a proposal
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Residents of the Albany Bulb face looming disaster

When a disaster is going to destroy a community, we often have little warning — if any. In this case, we have known since May: At the beginning of October, more than 50 people will lose their homes. Even with this much warning, no one has anywhere to go. These
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Moving on up

Broke in Berkeley

“We’re going to go on an adventure.” My mom had woken me up sometime after midnight to tell me this news. I blinked in the low light, trying to wake up fully. “What?” “You’re going to pack up your backpack for a trip. Bring clothes and the stuff that’s most
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