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Verified myths that will get you through midterm season

With multiple midterms in a week, sometimes in a day, you just need to do everything you can to increase your luck and hope that the midterm gods will have mercy on your soul. With a plethora of myths floating around campus, we, at The Clog, have picked out the ones that will get you through any exam, guaranteed.
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Why study when you can sabotage?

It’s finally finals time, and we at the Clog are really feeling the pressure mounting. It’s gotten to that stage in the semester when we simply eat, sleep and dream (more like a nightmare) about the dreaded exams that are now thrust upon us. It’s a cruel game of hide-and-seek,
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Thanks, UC Berkeley

Alas, the U.S.’s and Macy’s favorite holiday has finally arrived. That’s right, turkey- (or tofu-) loving friends, Thanksgiving is finally here! This slight break in our academic lives gives us all the opportunity to think about what’s really important. We can take a break from readings, quizzes, bCourses reading responses and
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