Climate change fights must be cooperative

In a letter I wrote that 2,300 UC and CSU faculty members signed, we asked the Trump administration to honor the U.S. commitment to meeting the modest reductions in greenhouse gas emissions set out in the Paris Climate Accord. In the weeks since that letter circulated, Scott Pruitt falsely testified
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Trump executive order threatens Berkeley sanctuary, but city stands firm

The executive order, “Enhancing Public Safety in the Interior of the United States,” added thousands of agents to Immigration and Customs Enforcement and would strip federal grant money from sanctuary cities that refuse to enforce federal ICE policy — a promise Trump frequently made throughout his presidential campaign.
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Landgraf’s overreach

CAMPUS ISSUES: ASUC President Connor Landgraf’s executive orders to put two referendums on the election ballot could have been avoided.

ASUC President Connor Landgraf has muddled the proper process of this year’s election. Because he tardily submitted bills to the ASUC Senate to put two referendums before student voters, the senate could not consider the measures until after its constitutional deadline to finalize the election ballot. Accordingly, Landgraf issued executive
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