The birding bubble

Human Nature

It’s almost as if draping a binocular strap over your shoulders marked you as a member of an exclusive club, and in some ways, maybe it did.
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photo of Wildfire app landing page on an iphone

Wildfire’s flame following COVID-19: Opendoor

One of the app’s co-founders, Hriday Kemburu, launched Wildfire as a way to keep college students informed and safe, according to Wildfire’s website. Since 2016, the Wildfire app has notified students at UC Berkeley and many other colleges of campus safety issues and emergencies, the website adds.
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photo of someone flipping through a book

I joined a book exchange: You should too!

It’s so easy to go on Oprah’s Book Club list or The New York Times Best Sellers to pick out your next read, but receiving people’s favorite books opened me up to so many reads I would have otherwise never come across. Next time you see a book exchange on someone’s Instagram story or on a Facebook page, make sure you opt in!
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