The Kony conundrum

It's A Juanderful Life

A few days ago I logged onto my Facebook account to see if there had been any new notifications waiting for me, or as my girlfriend calls them, those little red things that make you feel special. Much to my chagrin I found that only one person had left me
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‘Can you hear me now?’

Man Under Bridge

I’m new to the smartphone game. Every day I feel like I learn something new. A better app for this, a better way to store that. The way my phone has the capability to do so much in such a little frame, the way it documents and organizes my life
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America Online

Life in the Matrix

01010111011. In other words, welcome 2 the information age. Before you click away from this article, let me suggest that you’re living a life entirely more convenient, more expansive, more open to infinite exploration and possibility than has ever before been lived by any generation on this (now completely digitally
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Prevent dating violence in February

February is the commemorative month for Teen Dating Violence Awareness and Prevention. The importance of recognizing and addressing these issues has been highlighted by the recent spattering of high profile domestic violence cases: Rihanna and Chris Brown, the murder of Yeardley Love by her ex-boyfriend and now, most recently, the
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What is in a name?

Off the Beat

The second we said it aloud, we knew we were onto something epic. The scene: a living room in a post-apocalyptic state the morning after a party. The players: my housemates and me. The crime: naming our typically rundown student apartment and embarking on possibly the most ridiculous adventure we’ve
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Colbert weighs in on Occupy Cal

Late night comedian Stephen Colbert treated UC Berkeley administrators and UCPD officers — or, as Colbert called them, “skilled crisis managers” — to a satiric skewering Thursday night, commending their efforts to keep order on the “hippie haven” campus.