Faces of Berkeley: Kenya Wheeler, cancer survivor

Berkeley graduate student wins against cancer, loses insurance

On the top of his buzzed head, Kenya Wheeler has a thin, almost unnoticeable line where his hair does not grow — a surgical scar that reminds him that he, as a brain cancer survivor, will always have to live with the fear of relapse. For the last seven months,
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Faces of Berkeley: Jim Patton, adventuring professor

Integrative biology professor emeritus has been shipwrecked five times

UC Berkeley professor emeritus Jim Patton’s desk is nestled comfortably among rows of large gray cases storing hundreds of stuffed and oftentimes exotic creatures that have been carefully studied by researchers at the campus Museum of Vertebrate Zoology. As a curator at the museum for the last 40 years, the retired professor of
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Faces of Berkeley: Tom Bates, city mayor

Bates places emphasis on a greener future

Seventy-four-year-old Mayor Tom Bates walks to work every day. Bates, whose hair has gone entirely gray and who recently went through knee surgery, says he would rather walk than drive a car that pollutes the environment. The mayor’s reign has been characterized by a progressively moderate council representative of a
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Video: Paul Parish, Faces of Berkeley

Watch a video of an interview with Paul Parish, a bartender at the UC Berkeley faculty club, dance instructor and dance critic. Paul was a recipient of a Rhodes Scholarship and was a close friend of Bill Clinton. Anya Schultz produced this video.

Faces of Berkeley: Paul Parish, campus bartender and Rhodes Scholar

Faculty club staff member became close friends with Bill Clinton at Oxford

When Paul Parish was a Rhodes Scholar in the late 1960s, he became close friends with former United States President Bill Clinton. Now, he enjoys a versatile lifestyle as a bartender at the UC Berkeley faculty club, dance instructor and dance critic in Berkeley. Parish’s life journey has led him
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Audio Slideshow: Faces of Berkeley, Wenqing Yan

Watch an audio slideshow of Wenqing Yan, an anime artist and Berkeley alumni whose artwork speaks about environmental issues and the Occupy movement. Cecilia Wong edited this video.

Faces of Berkeley: Wenqing Yan, activist artist

UC Berkeley graduate combines activism and anime to better speak to people

UC Berkeley alumna Wenqing Yan admits that her following on the art website deviantART — where her profile page has more than 7 million views — is largely composed of 12-year-olds. These fans of her art, which is styled after Japanese animation known as anime, often ask about the anime
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