Notes from my sketchbook

Caragh Mcerlean/Staff

I use sketching as an outlet for creativity, and so I don’t doodle all over my homework. I like drawing portraits because of all the unique ways people can look. For my, drawing is a form of therapy after all of my classes.” -Caragh McErlean Drawings by Caragh McErlean  
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On Samaritans and stories

The New Age Bard

We are new-wave, radical, cutting-edge. We are modern. We are postmodern. Ensnared in a web of social media, modern appliances and an increasing variety of processed food options, we navigate layers of reality that our parents don’t even know exist.
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Why all the hubbub for the royal baby?

Unless you don’t have access to the Internet, a television or old-fashioned gossipy gawkers, you know that a baby boy was born to Prince William and Duchess Catherine on Monday, to the great excitement of the entire world. It seems like an awful lot of frenzy over a baby that
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