Photo of Marina Román Cantú

Call me by my (real) name

Cal in Color

It’s been only since arriving in the United States that I’ve subconsciously “Americanized” my name to suit the American English phonetic pronunciation.
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Rebel, rebel

It's a Chronic Thing

Instead of puncturing a hole through my face, I had to find different ways to get that coming-of-age movie feeling. Something only teenage rebellion gives.
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Photo of Elise Kim

Can you just hold me?

Things I Didn't Say

In my self-imposed isolation, it felt inappropriate to ask for a hand to hold. Growing up in a culture where conversation about emotions were rare, opening that door felt close to impossible.
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FedEx sperm

Hopping the Pond

I was an only child with lesbian parents; my genetic father was somewhere out there. I’d reached a clear understanding, and shame subsided for acceptance.
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photo of Kino Farr

Parental guidance

Now you see me

The one thing he did show me was how I want to love and be loved. I want to counteract the hate that he’s put out. I want to clean off the rust and shine.
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