Memories we choose to keep

Cal in Color

Especially because my overall life mentality is to look forward rather than to reflect upon old memories, I’ve realized that I have let many moments from my past fade away; I’ve allowed them to pass me by when I really should have held them closer.
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Illustration of a middle child looking unhappy and happy

Expectations vs. reality of being a middle child

I am the middle child of three girls, and when I tell people, they either react with a surprised “woah,” a curious sympathetic expression with the question, “Do you have the middle child syndrome?” or some sort of empathy expressing that they are also a middle child.
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The language of the heavens

Off the Beat

Bits and pieces of the language are scattered across the modern languages of India, but in itself, Sanskrit is incredibly complex. As an example, there are three types of nouns, each with more than 21 derivations, equalling almost 63 different ways to parse just one word.
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Photo of Cal Baseball

Why I love baseball games even though I don’t like baseball

Walking into Dodger Stadium on a warm summer night has to be one of my favorite feelings in the whole world. I love the rush of being with thousands of die-hard fans, yelling and cheering, everyone excited to see the beloved Los Angeles Dodgers. From the overpriced food to the bright splashes of blue scattered everywhere, the atmosphere is unmatchable. I walk into the stadium and suddenly I have an inexplicable sense that I would legitimately die for this team.
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