One True Podcast S01 E01: Wattpod

Welcome to “One True Podcast”! In this first episode, arts and entertainment department co-hosts (and your new OT3) Areyon Jolivette, Grace Orriss and Skylar De Paul talk about their relationships with fan fiction and introduce the format of the podcast    

I read it on the internet

Work in Progress

On my computer, I wrote troves of poetry and metaphorical stories, burdening Microsoft Word documents with lamentations about the depression I had been dealing with since fourth grade, and about my parents divorcing. Alone in my room, symbolic pen in my hand, I began, in earnest, to cement my career as a writer.
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TV Land: I believe in fandom

Lester Butterfill was in the bathroom for the second time that day. This was not uncommon, for Lester dearly loves the porcelain thrones of the restroom. Occasionally, he would sit on one to relax or to take a load off (in the figurative and literal sense). But this time was
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