Photo of Fargo show

Oh geez, ‘Fargo’ season 4

This season of “Fargo” had all the elements of previous seasons but no sense of where to place them. There are exceptional monologues, moments oozing style and a plethora of colorful characters, without any rhyme or reason behind their actual use.
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Emmy awards analysis and predictions

It’s the Golden Age of television. The Primetime Emmy Awards (and its governing bodies) is finally starting to realize that TV is more than the traditional, safe picks we’ve come to expect from award shows. When “Breaking Bad” started its unprecedented run as TV’s darkest, best-written and best-acted show and
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In the gap

Look Back At It

We didn’t have a campsite reservation when we left Berkeley for Zion National Park during spring break. Sardined in my friend’s Volvo and capering against the relative restraint of our seatbelts, my friends and I whizzed past rows of withering agriculture, past pop-up avocado bodegas and tumbleweeds, as we teetered
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