Fear is living: Horror as therapy

Earlier in the show, Keisha talks about how she’s scared “pretty much all the time just of living, of life,” but this doesn’t stop her. She keeps on living. That’s the power of these shows.
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How deadly is FOMO?

FOMO, formally known as “fear of missing out,” is an epidemic that has swept the youth of the United States and has had particularly devastating effects on college students. This fear frequently kicks in when an individual finally begins the process of acknowledging that they are, in fact, in college to
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Spring breakdown


The tight feeling in my chest began on the drive home during one spring break evening. What started so innocently as dinner and “Zootopia” ended with discussions of the future, about already-made summer plans and already-landed internships. Now, as my hands gripped the steering wheel, my heart thumped loudly, straining
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FOMO: fear of missing out

Off the Beat

I could hardly sit still in my room long enough to watch a TV show, and sometimes that drove me positively crazy. It’s acceptable to spend a Tuesday buried in books; try the same thing on a Saturday, and the fear of missing out, aka FOMO, rears its ugly head.
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Off the beat: Labels should be a source of pride

Last night, as I stood on my friend’s balcony, people-watching and staring at the Campanile in the fog, I fell into the trap of making snap judgments about complete strangers. As the various residents of Berkeley strolled down the street, I found myself unconsciously giving each one a title —
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Service workers as second-class citizens

Urban Animal

For all its daring, colossal beauty, professor Alexander Coward’s recent widely circulated email made a poor comparison that struck me. The more I think about it, the more it bothers me. Coward wrote a letter to the freshmen in his Math 1A class who were scared about the upcoming strike.
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