Photo of Elise Kim

I’m afraid I don’t know

Things I Didn't Say

Looking at everything through a metaphoric lens allows me to capture it all within a narrower frame — one that’s easier to digest and given specific intention. There’s a reason for each scene which contributes to a timeline that has an end.
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Illustration of person with coffee

Falling in love with coffee: A personal essay

Despite my tendency to be a hopeless romantic, absolutely enamored by countless hours of movie clips depicting kisses in the rain, interlocked fingers in the cold of a September autumn, bouquets upon bouquets of roses, tulips and wildflowers, a part of me knows I will always struggle.  I am destined
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Photo of a fern tree

The Staghorn Fern: A poem

It swings from aching wood above the yard, afloat, unbothered by an earthly weight; a strain of creaks and moans leaves silence scarred, as unreality unfurls and baits.   It seems to prosecute through nature’s reign, green scales atop its olden, rotting skin; the ropes are burrowed under, ever strained,
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