Emergency Broadband Benefit brings internet to Berkeley households

photo of a laptop with the wifi settings open
Antonio Martin/Staff
Households in Berkeley acquire internet access with the help of the Federal Communications Commission, which is provided through the Berkeley Public Schools Fund.

As the COVID-19 pandemic brought an increased reliance on online instruction, hundreds of Berkeley households have enrolled in the Emergency Broadband Benefit, or EBB, program for help affording internet access.
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Court of appeals hears CTIA, city of Berkeley case

On Tuesday, the United States Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit heard arguments for and against nonprofit organization CTIA ­– The Wireless Association’s appeal of a U.S. district judge’s decision to allow a disputed Berkeley ordinance to pass.
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Is striking down net neutrality a bad thing?

Why would anyone possibly doubt the value of net neutrality? The core idea is simple: The network should treat all packets of information that travel across it equally. If you are a network provider, such as Comcast, you can’t slow down packets that carry Netflix movies to their subscribers just
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Third dimensions of a flat kind

Savage Heart Murmurs

While high school nostalgia, or Vegas, wasted most of us during spring break, my parents’ brand new high-definition plasma TV radiated all the real-time exhibitionism I could handle during five days of Oregon rain (and fresh crab!). Recovering from Craig Ferguson’s camera-tapping into my bereft soul, I concluded that the
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