Regents approve new UCSD chancellor’s salary at meeting

At its meeting Wednesday, the UC Board of Regents approved newly selected UC San Diego Chancellor Pradeep Khosla’s salary of about $411,000 — which is 4.8 percent higher than his predecessor’s — despite disapproval from Lt. Gov. Gavin Newsom at the meeting. In addition to salary and benefits, the university will also
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On cuts, fees and priorities

Given Insight

Maybe you’ve heard it shrieked from a protester’s megaphone as you cross Sproul Plaza. Maybe you’ve seen it chalked on building as you walk to class. Regardless of the method of communication, you’ve likely come across the catchphrase sometime in the course of your Berkeley education: “No cuts, no fees,
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Stopping America’s public university tuition spiral

Students of California, arise! You have nothing to lose but a crushing debt! The corporate state of California, ever ready to seize its ideological and commercial hour during a recession, has a chokehold on California’s public universities. With its tax-coddled plutocracy and a nod to further corporatization, the state government
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On protracted movement

How striking may hurt us and what we can do to change

Strikes hurt the university and our fellow students greater than they do the UC Board of Regents. This is especially so because many of the strikes in recent years have not been endorsed by the UC campuses and resulted in quite little change: The tuition increased anyway. What we really
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A case of electoral lunacy

Sometimes, I find Californians to be a little crazy. They queue up for public transportation 20 minutes before the bus is due to arrive, wander instead of walk and eat avocado on everything. However, these quaint peccadilloes pale in comparison to the fullblown insanity of California’s voters. I’m no psychiatrist,
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