On protracted movement

How striking may hurt us and what we can do to change

Strikes hurt the university and our fellow students greater than they do the UC Board of Regents. This is especially so because many of the strikes in recent years have not been endorsed by the UC campuses and resulted in quite little change: The tuition increased anyway. What we really
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A call to action

UNIVERSITY ISSUES: The ASUC must lead students in opposition to state leaders’ continual disinvestment in higher education.

On Thursday, state disinvestment forced another fee increase for students of the University of California. Though discussion of further fee increases has been temporarily tabled, students are not in the clear. The regents’ decision to postpone consideration of the “trigger mechanism” that would enact additional fee increases is only a
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Fee increase percentage debated by students

With the UC Board of Regents slated to vote on a controversial fee hike at their meeting Thursday, UC officials and students are citing different figures for the actual size of the increase. While UC officials and most media outlets have said tuition will rise 9.6 percent increase, student leaders
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UC Board of Regents July meeting preview

The UC Board of Regents will meet on Wednesday and Thursday for the remainder of their three-day meeting at UC San Francisco’s Mission Bay campus, where a wide range of issues spanning the diversity of the university’s student body to a controversial tuition increase spurred by the state’s increased cuts
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