2017 cannot come fast enough

Sex on Tuesday

Amidst all of this freedom — all of this talk surrounding the reclamation of female bodies and the reconfiguration of lives separate from biological need — comes a dangerous rhetoric about responsibility and accountability when it comes to unwanted pregnancy.
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Just another feminist rant

Theoretical Titillation

Now, usually, I would present a single, parable-ish narrative that highlights the existence of the patriarchy. But over the past few years, I’ve found it hard to only talk about one uncomfortable experience because there have been so many.
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Chelsea Peretti doesn’t joke around about gender stereotypes

Despite having once been rejected by UC Berkeley, comedienne Chelsea Peretti waltzed on stage and welcomed the audience: “Wheeler Auditorium, thank you for having me. This is where I first got high.” She still took a few jabs at the university: “Is this school Internet-installed?” Star of Fox’s Golden Globe-winning
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