‘Orange is the New Black’ is arrestingly funny

Jenji Kohan has it on lock with follow-up to 'Weeds'

“Women in television” — and, particularly, the “Can women be funny?” question — is a very tired conversation now. It’s been done and dissected, and now, it should be put in the kitchen, where it can keep silent and make me sandwiches. And yet it keeps cropping up because, joking
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Blurred lines of empowerment

Cultural Crossroads

Despite the title of Robin Thicke’s new song, when a friend of mine first mentioned the “rapey” undertones of “Blurred Lines,” I was taken aback. The fact that the song’s music video is grotesque and objectifying wasn’t new to me, but I had failed to recognize these more problematic undertones
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Queer Women of Color Film Festival spotlights social justice issues

In its ninth year, the festival includes a line-up of 57 short films examining queer life

The ninth annual Queer Women of Color Film Festival took place from June 14 to 16 at the Brava Theatre in San Francisco’s Mission District. Presented by the Queer Women of Color Media Arts Project, the festival seeks to promote the creation, exhibition and distribution of films that increase the
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Making a mess of feminism

Misconceptions of feminism detract from its message

I can’t tell you what feminism means. I can’t pretend that it is a movement that unites all “women,” nor can I comment on whether or not feminists have the exact same habits or patterns or body hair amalgamations any more than I could tell you whether or not all
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Letters to the editor: May 20 – May 27

The feminist battle This week, I read “Off the beat: The feminist conundrum.” I feel that it’s important to talk about the other side of the issue: the long road ahead for feminists. I agree that women shouldn’t pursue superiority, but that doesn’t mean we should give up before gaining
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In defense of feminism

The perception of the word "feminism" needs to change

There are a lot of misconceptions about feminism. I was having an argument with a guy I know whose thoughts seem to reflect a widely pervasive perception, especially among males. He hadn’t read Claire Chiara’s column, but he already had his preconceived notions: “By ‘feminist’, she was probably just referring
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Off the beat: The feminist conundrum

While walking on Sproul last week, I was met with one of Cal’s famously spirited protests. The men circled in front of the student store chanting their overwhelming distaste for the brutal “War on Women,” and though I didn’t have time to stop and speak with them about their ideologies,
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A slim definition of beauty

Critical Musings

Rejoice! Dove thinks you’re more beautiful than you believe. Or at least that’s ostensibly the message of the soap company’s recently released “Real Beauty Sketches” commercial. The three-minute clip is part of the company’s “Campaign for Real Beauty,” which claims to have “started a global conversation about the need for
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The politics of hookups

The Devil's Advocate

In her provocatively titled new book “The End of Sex,” noted religion and sexuality scholar Donna Freitas does something rather unusual — she attacks the notorious college “hookup culture” from the feminist left. Commentators sometimes nostalgically lament the supposed collapse of courtship among young people. But as of late, feminists
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Asking for it

Sex on Tuesday

A beautiful woman walks down Shattuck at night in a skintight red dress and black jacket. Her high heels click against the pavement when, out of nowhere, she is attacked by a rapist. Was she asking for it? A 16-year-old high school girl from Steubenville, Ohio, drinks at a party. She
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