An alumnus’s ambitions through adversity

Like a social pariah among victors with seemingly endless opportunities, I tactfully observed a living system of privilege and oppression that causes present and generational pain. I refused to submit to this feeling as I forged a new way forward.
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Illustration of person being robbed while another person walks under streetlight

City, campus need to see the light

CITY AFFAIRS: Lighting is an effective, low-cost alternative to reduce crime rates

While it’s heartening to see that Berkeley may take strides toward implementing more lighting, campus should take similar measures.
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A timeline of 6 campus landmarks you might have missed

We all know Sather Gate, the Campanile and that statue of Pappy Waldorf — we’re pretty sure these campus symbols are featured in every brochure UC Berkeley has to offer. But what about all the other little tributes that mark our campus and recall its unique history? The adage “bigger isn’t
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