Quiz: What candy heart message are you?

It’s Valentine’s Day, Bears. While we at the Clog will be out performing Real Investigative Journalism™ (trying to find every candy heart slogan in the box) instead of going out with our significant others, that doesn’t mean you can’t get into the romantic spirit. Thanks to our tireless work, we’ve
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What should you do on Valentine’s Day?

So you completely forgot that Valentine’s Day is coming up. Looks like you need to make some plans — fast. Take our quiz and figure out how you should spend the holiday. Image Sources: Torsten Reimer, Taylor McKnight, mySAPL Contact Summer Langton at [email protected]

Notes from Folsom Street Fair

Sex on Tuesday

Leather and latex cover some parts of the bodies at Folsom, but not the parts that society typically asks of clothing. Some folk are bound by rope and chain — others are led by their partner by collar and leash, often wearing full-head leather masks. A woman’s limbs are arranged
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