Megha Ganapathy Illustrated Mug

Crisis management

Studying the looking glass

Maybe post-pandemic life for the average person should be about carving time for small moments of joy, to treat it as a key moment of crisis rather than an episode to be forgotten.
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You are the things you own

I first found Filip, a 22-year-old Slovakian medical student, in a dazed state at London Heathrow Airport, where he sat with his knees pulled up to his chest and his bags scattered around him at the departures security check entrance. He made the same mistake that I did, booking a
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Tunesday: Songs That Make a Scene

In case your summer media indulgence has taken a dip, Tunesday will help you get right back on track. This week’s playlist takes iconic scenes from movies that simply would not be the same without the musical overlay. Therefore it is not only a collection of notable tracks but also
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The Pixies are back with a sprightly sound at the Fox Theater

An alien green light washed over a bald rock star screaming his lungs out at Oakland Fox Theater on Friday night. It didn’t matter that he started singing in a different meter; the audience members screamed back the version of “Where Is My Mind?” they knew in cathartic unison. The
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