Not a free pass


Recently, I participated in a Herculean battle unlike any other, filled with tears and copious amounts of coffee. It was a momentous occasion in history — it was a Facebook fight. The subject: white and Jewish men fetishizing Asian women. The opponent: a Jewish man claiming that such an accusation
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Free Speech Rally turns violent

On Saturday, April 15 a free speech rally quickly turned violent, resulting in multiple fights, injuries, and arrests. Here is what some of the people there had to say.

How to deal with your first roommate fight

We’ve all been there. Your roommates or housemates did something to piss you off, whether they’ve “forgotten” to do their dishes four consecutive weeks in a row or left their dirty socks on the couch. Now you feel the need to take revenge — perhaps by putting their dirty plates in
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A fable of two freshmen roommates

It had already been a week since Donna and Betty had moved into their Unit 3 double. Ever since she first met Betty, Donna felt like she and her roommate were extremely compatible. She looked forward to overcoming many struggles in college with her best friend, such as sleeping through their
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