To members of Greek life at UC Berkeley: Stop perpetuating sexual violence

CAMPUS ISSUES: By mocking sexual violence protesters, fraternity members at UC Berkeley conveyed a level of disregard that is appalling but not surprising.

Content warning: Sexual violence On Saturday, members of the Phi Gamma Delta fraternity, or Fiji, in Berkeley stood around individuals protesting acts of sexual violence and assault and jokingly posed for a picture. In doing so, they communicated a level of abject disrespect for survivor narratives that is almost beyond
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A tasty sip of anti-anxiety: MeloMelo Kava Bar

Main Character: Rami Kayali, a South Florida native with a vibe that makes one assume the word “vibe” is of frequent use to him. Place: MeloMelo Kava Bar. Props: Two wooden bowls filled with a murky liquid. I am sitting in a room that can only be described as chill.
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Faces of Berkeley: Yau-Man Chan, ‘Survivor’ contestant

Chief technology officer in the College of Chemistry defied expectations on reality show

Within the bowels of the Giauque Low Temperature Laboratory underneath Hildebrand Hall, Yau-Man Chan works quietly at his computer. The unassuming 59-year-old’s office reflects his title as chief technology officer for the UC Berkeley College of Chemistry — bits of old electronics and tech books line his floor-to-ceiling bookshelves, and
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