Your guide to February Oakland Art Murmur

1. “Histoire Noir” at Mercury 20 Gallery Though the discipline of history may seem fact-driven, emotion and imagination merge with historical renditions of Oakland and Europe in “Histoire Noir,” a two-part show opening at Mercury 20 Gallery. Artist Jody Medich takes the stories of her relatives living on the border
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Lu Han

A guide to December Oakland Art Murmur

A: ‘Lucid Dreams’ at Betti Ono Gallery The most powerful inspiration can come from beyond our conscious and tangible reality. Such a statement aligns with the thrust of Betti Ono Gallery, whose mission statement is “to inspire limitless creativity.” In “Lucid Dreams,” opening for December’s Art Murmur, eight artists meditate
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Oakland revived by Art Murmur

Oakland at the turn of the millennium looked very different from the city that was ranked as one of the top places to go in 2012 by the New York Times. Since then, the sparse neighborhoods of desolate buildings and fast food restaurants have been replaced by art galleries, restaurants
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