I really hate to do this, but

It’s a Chronic Thing

Pushing yourself to the point of burnout seems to be an expectation in college. I mean, we’re all consuming copious amounts of caffeine, right?
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Photo of a phone with lots of message notifications

Overcoming FOMO

By prioritizing my own needs over following a social schedule others have created for me, I learned to achieve better social health and overcome my FOMO.
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Illustration of a girl looking sadly out her window at the city lights, while her cat paws at her.

King FOMO: A personal essay

Sitting at my desk and poring over a new Word file, the phone beside me lights up at 10 p.m.  It’s a good friend, wondering if I can come out tonight with the others. They’ve all dressed up; the plan is set. I make the tough decision to stay in.
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FOMO 2.0

Off the Beat

It seems like an absolutely ridiculous perspective to have given up on my aspirations because I didn’t achieve my lofty expectations of true success. Yet, for the longest time, I completely forfeited any of my childhood’s ambitions, simply because they hadn’t followed my expected timeline.
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