How Trader Joe’s saved my life

Learning to discover what I love to eat and making sure I get what I need nutritionally was the biggest obstacle I’ve faced in college. It’s amazing how small barriers can have such large consequences on an individual’s overall quality of life.
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Photo of Emma Solomon

Chicken soup for the lost soul

Growing into Myself

Contained in that cup were East Coast strip malls, cowboy hats in 100-degree heat and homemade face masks made from linen freckled with various dogs. Inside that cup was chicken soup for the lost soul.
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Infographic of the best meals in Berkeley

Best meals I’ve had in Berkeley

During this, I was granted a temporary break from the below-par dining halls, and I was thrilled to be able to take my mom to try all of my favorite meals in the area. It was during this time that I realized that Berkeley actually has a pretty strong food scene. Here are some of my favorite spots around Berkeley for when you’re looking for a meal that’ll linger in your mind for weeks to follow. 
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Disrupt NBA games, save the animals

As farms continue to spread diseases such as HPAI, torturing animals and exploiting workers in the process, it is crucial that people take direct action to challenge this violent industry.
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