Trips I’ve taken from my dinner table

Cal in Color

Since I was younger, I’ve seen food — Asian food particularly — in the same comforting way I saw my family’s moments at the dinner table, but also as a connection to the life in Taiwan that I had never experienced.
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Photo of woman trying to sleep

What to do if it’s 2 a.m. with no sign of sleep

You’re in your bed with the blanket wrapped around your body like a human burrito. Your eyes are closed and you try your best to drift into unconsciousness. You’re counting sheep, listening to the sound of waves crashing against sand and chugging a mug of warm (nondairy) milk. But alas, you’re still wide awake. Minutes and hours pass by, but you haven’t met the warm grasp of sleep. In situations such as these, you have to get out of bed and do something. It’s best to try the following until you eventually enter sleep mode. 
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