Spooky UC Berkeley-themed Halloween costumes to impress your friends

For Halloween costumes, we’ve looked to comedian Julio Torres, who has some of the most creative Halloween costume ideas out there. Just check his Twitter or his segment on “The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon” from 2017! Taking inspiration from both Torres and our experience here at UC Berkeley, we have compiled a list of very spooky Halloween costumes for you to chose from.
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Shower stalls are steamy

Sex on Tuesday

The residence halls, as you will soon discover, are simmering cesspools of teens living on top of one another, complete with clogged bathrooms, unwashed sheets and the lingering smell of weed. Such an environment makes for prime seduction — no joke, I found my first two serious boyfriends in campus housing. When you are crammed in with a bunch of people your age, there will always be that smoking hot person you eventually pursue.
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A female network

Cracking the Code Ceiling

Laughing with friends in seminar as we talked about the importance of self-care, cheering as Ruth Bader Ginsburg came on screen as we all watched “On the Basis of Sex” and planting flowers in our community garden were always the highlights of my week. They reminded me of everything good when it felt like things were going wrong, assuring me of my place in STEM when the intensity of Berkeley CS made me doubt my competence.
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