16 startups selected for UC Berkeley global startup accelerator program

Berkeley Skydeck
Gisselle Reyes/File
Of the 1,850 applicants to Berkeley SkyDeck’s fall 2020 startup accelerator program, 16 were selected to partake in the six-month long mentorship program. The selected startups will also receive a $105,000 investment from the Berkeley SkyDeck Fund.

Berkeley SkyDeck selected 16 startups from a global applicant pool for its fall 2020 startup accelerator program, announced Oct. 29.
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Globalizing the Renaissance

Promises of new relationships, wild parties, and the legendary cacao drew us like unstable electrons to the energetic hub of a music festival beside Lake Atitlán in Guatemala.
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Quiz: Where are you most likely to throw up?

Whether you’re that kid that’s showing up to lecture hungover on a Monday or you get sick from riding the 52 bus facing the other way, we’ve all felt the dreaded tummy turning on our way to class. If you’re scared that you don’t know of any good places to throw
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