Bipartisanship at UC Berkeley: Can we just talk?

Photo of the American Flag
From Sovereign to Serf - Roger Sayles/Creative Commons

Watching the livestream, I thought that the thrust of my piece would be fairly simple. In the wake of the 2020 election, the United States faces unprecedented division. Bipartisanship is good and important. The campus community is hugely left-leaning, and we should be more open to conservative viewpoints — so let’s talk.There is, however, a lot more to the issue of bipartisanship than the simplistic argument I had built up in my mind. I came to see that all three seemingly straightforward prongs of my hypothesis were problematic or debatable in various ways.
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Nothing is good in moderation

Between America and Me

As practical and morally upright as terming myself a moderate felt, it also felt facetious and insincere. What did I actually stand for? I found myself defending the feasibility of the “middle ground.” But what did I actually believe in?
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Fighting violence with violence achieves nothing

It’s safe to say Berkeley barely survived this past weekend. What was originally a scheduled opportunity for “alt-right” groups to spew hate and harassment became a symphonic outcry of liberal resistance dominating the pianissimo turnout of the “alt-right.” Yet the grand demonstration of “Berkeley Stands United Against Hate” was undermined by Antifa’s violent, discordant contribution to the progressive cause.
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