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On turning 21: A poem

i struggle — my eyes open. the morning light is a slap to the face, and i find that   i feel precisely the same as the last time i did this. i struggle to remember   why i have waited so, so long for this day to arrive, a
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The food chain

Being in Greek life should be an opportunity to surround yourself with people you connect with — a way to spend time outside of school doing things you enjoy. I chose my sorority because I loved the company of so many women in the house, and I still do. But spending my weekends in houses full of strangers, waiting for the party to end made being in Greek life feel more like a job I paid to participate in than the inclusive community I had hoped for.
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New house rules

A Greek Tragedy

Living in a sorority began to feel like taking one step toward adulthood and then three steps back. Looking back now, I could never imagine myself in a house where my male friends were banned from my room after 10, and I was subject to an overbearing housing contract. To me, it felt like in order to assure that no girls broke Panhellenic trust, we were simply not given any trust to begin with.
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Essential clubs for fall semester

As the summer approaches, you may be reevaluating the past year and rethinking your extracurricular activities. Which ones did you really like? Which ones have you decided not to rejoin when school starts up again in the fall? Maybe you’ve realized that your true interests lie in an as-yet-unfounded extracurricular,
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The greatness of frat parties

Lost in Confusion

Whenever I feel just the right amount of unfounded recklessness and self-hatred, I go to a frat party. And usually, I’m going to be honest, it turns out to be absolutely incredible. I’m talking better than giving Mickey Mouse a high five at Disneyland, better than perfectly sliding your anecdote
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