Campus chapter of Sigma Alpha Epsilon fraternity loses university recognition

Derek Remsburg/Staff
The campus chapter of the Sigma Alpha Epsilon fraternity recently lost recognition after multiple code of conduct violations.

The UC Berkeley chapter of the Sigma Alpha Epsilon fraternity lost its university recognition after repeated risk management, fire and life safety and social code violations, as well as noncompliance with prior sanctions, the campus announced Monday. The fraternity lost its recognition July 15 following “repeated” violations and noncompliance with
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Living in Berkeley

Which option will you choose?

1.Dorms Dorms are a fantastic place for new students to get their first taste of the diversity of our student body. In order to live in the dorms, you have to apply and will receive a housing offer which shows you which dorm you’ve been placed in. You are able
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Campus revokes recognition of fraternity

The campus revoked its recognition of the UC Berkeley chapter of Sigma Alpha Epsilon on July 15 following repeated student conduct, social code and risk management violations and failure to comply with prior sanctions. The fraternity had previously been under a state of stayed revocation — a probationary period often
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