Hooking up for the clout

Sex on Tuesday

When people in Greek life and beyond blur hotness and power together — when some bigger institution or body has to tell us who’s hot and who’s not — we perpetuate a culture in which those who don’t have racial, class, gender or body privileges are unable to obtain social and political power, or even just feel sexy.
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The food chain

Being in Greek life should be an opportunity to surround yourself with people you connect with — a way to spend time outside of school doing things you enjoy. I chose my sorority because I loved the company of so many women in the house, and I still do. But spending my weekends in houses full of strangers, waiting for the party to end made being in Greek life feel more like a job I paid to participate in than the inclusive community I had hoped for.
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Photo essay: What makes Berkeley feel like home

Current UC Berkeley students were asked about how Berkeley began to feel like home for them after they moved here for college. This is how they described settling into an unfamiliar place. Sayi Boddu, freshman   Photos: Daniel Ho/Staff Before freshman Sayi Boddu arrived at UC Berkeley, he wasn’t sure
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