’Tis the season of apartment searching: Things I wish I knew before moving into my 1st apartment

Photo of Unit 1
Nicole White/File
According to an email sent by UC Berkeley student affairs Friday, students living in campus residence halls can expect increased levels of Community Security Officers. The email reminded students of the guidelines for the current sequester period, which includes remaining in their rooms at all times.

As we’re heading closer to the end of the school year, the anxiety of finding housing for next year is slowly creeping up on us.
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Things to sell on the Free and For Sale Facebook page

We’ve all scrolled through UC Berkeley’s “Free & For Sale” page on Facebook looking for interesting items that others have decided to move on from. Usually though, all you see are broken desk chairs, shoes that would have fit you in the fifth grade and overpriced iClickers. While these are disappointing
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The Clog’s favorite Free & For Sale posts

If you’ve ever been a UC Berkeley student on Facebook, then hopefully you know what Free & For Sale is. For those of you who don’t, first come out of the cave you’ve been living in and get with this thing called the Internet, and second, it’s a group on
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