Tough to say, easy to make: ratatouille

Ratatouille is a dish everyone has heard of, probably because it sounds funny when you say it out loud. Rat-ta too-wee. How could you hate something that sounds like that? Despite the prevalence of the word, many haven’t a clue what’s in it, let alone how to make it. Don’t
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A simple but delicious brunch at La Note Provencal

Brunch in Berkeley is one of the best meals a college student can experience, whether it is at the dining commons, the coffee shop down the street or in bed. But sometimes you have to relinquish the convenient pleasures of breakfast in bed in order to get something far better,
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Language enthusiasts come together at Berkeley cafe

In a Berkeley cafe, bustling on a Tuesday night, two men lingered over a word: bonito. Bonito means baby, one of them suggested. The other one hesitated — not quite. Bonito is beautiful, he explained. Baby is bebé. And if one wants to admire one of these miniature humans: bonito bebé, beautiful baby.
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Despite crisis, our democracy stands strong

Between Two Ponds

As articles fly round and round proclaiming the disaster of the U.S. government, we need to make one thing clear: Yes, the government may have shut down, but our democratic system is not broken. This isn’t the first time, nor will it probably be the last, that the experiment of
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Off the beat: Confessions of a humanities major

When I first told my family that I would be double majoring in rhetoric and French, I faced confused and baffled responses. My parents expected me to follow my childhood passion for mathematics while in college, but sometimes, things just don’t work out. Throughout my academic career, I have been
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French film excites the mind

‘In the House’ is a thrilling film about existential intrusions and lust

“In the House” balances beautifully the two things that French filmmakers do best — substantial natural dialogue and that singular sexuality inevitable in Francophone work — while reattributing them to a very different kind of story. Far from the Nouvelle Vague “Breathless” couples and quasi-sex-fantasy Brigitte Bardot fodder of the
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Finding French comfort at Bistro Liaison

Although Bistro Liaison may not be suitable for the everyday lunch rush because of both its price and its atmosphere, it’s the kind of place to consider when you want to pat yourself on the back, or treat someone special for a warm evening.
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‘Doctor Who’ and life lessons

Salas in solace

David Tennant taught me “allons-y.” More significantly, the Doctor taught me. Through his adventures, his companions and his constant running, the Doctor has actually taught me quite a lot. Just add that to the long list of reasons “Doctor Who” is one of my favorite shows. Other reasons include aliens, awesome characters and British accents.
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Confessions of an extrovert

Michelle's mish-mosh

Je ne comprends pas!” I say, begging for mercy. “I don’t understand!” My high school French education proved useless while I was surrounded by fast-talking, slang-slinging French teenagers, and shamefully I waved the white flag of total incomprehension.
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