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Clog Report: Freshman upset because he hasn’t dropped out to found startup yet

A worried Joey Haas confided in The Daily Clog that he feels behind because he still regularly attends class and learns from some of the best professors the world has to offer. According to Joey, “college was supposed to be just a stepping stone to dropping out.” But now, he’s already falling behind on his timeline to move back into his parents’ basement to found his own startup. 
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Family is only a snap away

Off the Beat

My longing for home didn’t just fade away, but my cousin helped remind me why I came to UC Berkeley and why I had traveled so far away from my family.
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Finding my way

Launching into Limbo

If freshman year of college was a cloud of water vapor, then my recent family vacation can only be described as a block of glacial ice that’s been buried at the bottom of my freezer for the past 11 years.
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