Five Tips for Freshmen

Sophomore Rachel Barber shares five lessons she learned during her freshman year at Cal, discussing her creation of the welcometocal Instagram page and advising freshmen to rethink studying in one popular library!

A letter to Clark Kerr

As the school year comes to a close, we often reflect upon the bittersweet moments of forgotten nights, clumsily falling on Sproul Plaza, trips to San Francisco and getting Artichoke with friends right before the sunrise. For freshmen, the end of the school year means saying goodbye to the residence
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The Clog’s list of freshman withdrawals

Although we at the Clog have only been back at school for four weeks, we’re already feeling the withdrawal symptoms for certain things back home. We understand, this feeling is completely normal, as we have spent 18 years in one town and merely three weeks in an unfamiliar college town. Although some
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