Ashby, North Berkeley BART housing developments aim for affordability

image of Ashby BART station
Ryan Kendrick/Staff
A $53 million housing investment around the Ashby and North Berkeley BART stations was approved by Berkeley City Council. According to Berkeley Mayor Jesse Arreguín, Berkeley has a memorandum of understanding with BART to reach “35% affordability at both sites."

Berkeley City Council recently approved a $53 million investment in building affordable housing around the Ashby and North Berkeley BART stations.
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Photo of Andy Kelley, Mari Mendonca, Carole Marasovic, Xavier Johnson, Leah Simon-Weisberg

Here are our picks for Rent Stabilization Board

CITY AFFAIRS: Here are The Daily Californian's endorsements for how residents should vote on Berkeley's Rent Stabilization Board.

Berkeley renters are facing a compounded crisis, making the Rent Stabilization Board’s work in protecting tenants all the more important.
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