A few good friends

Transfer Talks

My first year at UC Berkeley has given me the impression that making friends here isn’t as easy as it was in community college. Just living in the vicinity of other students did not mean I was going to have friends.
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Perfect strangers

Launching into Limbo

Plus it really didn’t seem all that “adultlike” to me, having my parents hang around. In fact, the thought of them being familiar with my friends struck me as rather juvenile.
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8 crazy nights: 8 best Hanukkah movies and TV episodes

Thanks to Adam Sandler, the Rugrats and everyone’s favorite neighborhood Jewish boy, Seth Cohen, Hanukkah-themed media isn’t impossible to find. It exists, and we’re pretty glad. Here are eight of the best Hanukkah movies and TV episodes to still get into the spirit of the holiday before it ends this coming Monday.
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On Charlie Brown, seasonal stress and facing the holiday blues

…this final remark speaks to the broader message of the film, acknowledging and validating feelings of disillusionment surrounding the holidays. Instead of simply trying to cope with failure during the holiday season when Charlie Brown is confronted with it again and again, he eventually just owns it.
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