photo of a person sitting with a blanket over their head

5 tips for managing social anxiety

Returning to campus after the pandemic has come with its challenges, and for many of us, diving back into social environments after so many months of isolation has been one of them. For the majority of students, introverts and non-introverts alike, social anxiety has been a challenging reality to grapple
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photo of 2 people watching a movie on a laptop

The Clog’s tips to preparing for movie marathons

Movie marathons — my go-to activity when I inevitably get the flu every January or my family’s beloved Christmas day tradition. Movie marathons are a commitment and if done improperly, can be a huge waste of time. If you’ve made the decision to sit in front of your TV all
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Reading closely for pleasure

Create to Connect

Reading closely is about creating a more pleasurable experience for yourself. I compared it to eating more mindfully — chewing slowly, feeling the texture, noticing the colors and smelling the scent.
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