Our song

Kind of chaos

There is a tune that I would have described as “our song” while we were together, but it is entirely inappropriate for a wedding.
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Zhu sets Fox Theater aglow on ‘Neon City’ tour

The crowd erupted. Slowly, a hooded figure emerged from behind his trademark flag logo with images of a drive down a dark mountain road flashing behind him. A pounding beat began to pulsate through the room, and the Fox Theater, which five minutes ago had been flush with the white
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R&B singer Gallant serves up slick, simple performance

“My name is Gallant.” Rising R&B singer Christopher Gallant, who performs under the mononym Gallant, didn’t say much to the crowd during his set at the Fox Theater in Oakland — at least not in plain words. Instead, he engaged in intimate conversation with his audience through soulful falsetto vocal
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