Games guaranteed to keep you awake during class

As you’re finally settling into your classes and the first-month adrenaline dies away, your body requires more and more energy for you to be attentive in lectures. You are no longer worried about taking good notes and following the fast-paced slides, because you’ve already given up on paying attention altogether due to your
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On quitting mobile addictions

Remember “Minesweeper,” the old puzzle game that shipped with every Microsoft computer? Last year, I downloaded it on my phone in a fit of boredom and was immediately obsessed with it. I played it so often that the image of the game would rudely intrude in my head while I
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Relics of home: A thought piece

Being home for winter break often feels like taking a trip down memory lane. Your home is a place of comfort — time seems to have frozen the moment you left and retained all of your most precious memories, much like a time capsule. You simply cannot get the same feeling of comfort
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Quiz: Which Spice Girl are you?

The 1990s would have been nothing without the Spice Girls. The world from 1994 to 2000 would have been a much darker place without this pop group singing about girl power and suggesting that you too can be confident enough to bare your midriff to the world seven days a
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UC Berkeley bingo: midterm edition

We were going to tell you to take a break from midterm studying to play bingo with us, but let’s be real: We at the Clog know you were already procrastinating to begin with. First one to get bingo gets a giant hug from the Clog. Or not — it’s
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How to host an Oscar party

Suit up, ladies and gentlemen: It’s Oscar season! While the Golden Globes were fun, and Beyonce’s performance at the Grammy Awards left even the haters in awe, don’t pretend like these other shows even play on the same field as the annual Academy Awards. Hosted by the one and only Neil
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Can’t buy me love

Broke in Berkeley

When I first met the guy I was going to marry, he told me he had a book called “Dating for Under a Dollar.” I didn’t believe him until he showed me. His parents had raised him in a lifestyle he cheerfully called “frugal” rather than “cheap.” Most of the
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VIDEO: Ikea Slumber Party

A group called the Squirt Gun Mafia organized a flash mob slumber party at Ikea on Sunday, July 8, 2012. Sleepy shoppers donned pajamas and climbed under the covers to read bedtime stories and eat milk and cookies.

A blend of the world

Salas in solace

Disclaimer: I am not a “cat person,” or for that matter a “dog person.” If anything, I would be an “animal person,” but that is neither here nor there. I recently played a card game called Kittens in a Blender. The purpose of the game is to save your own
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