An ode to bookshelves and UC Berkeley

In a way, however, my conceptualization of UC Berkeley as simply a collection of diverse student stories has assuaged these anxieties, helping me see this campus community’s uncomplicated goal: to facilitate learning and growth.
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Your guide to campus libraries

Picking out the top 4 campus libraries to study in

If you ask the average UC Berkeley student how many libraries there are on campus, you will most likely receive a perplexed gawk and an incorrect answer. Amid the majestic allure of the Doe Library — Gardner Main Stacks and the North Reading Room — it can be incredibly easy
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5 things to do on campus besides studying

Now that study mode has kicked in (You’re already hitting the books, right? Right.), we’re all flocking to find a nice study spot to settle into. With laptops, headphones, notes and books at the ready, places like Moffitt or the Academic Services Center become our second home for the week.
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Website allows students to explore new study spots

ASUC Academic Affairs Vice President Natalie Gavello has spearheaded the creation of a website that will help students find their new favorite place to study, aiming to increase awareness of the various study locations that Berkeley has to offer.
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