Here’s how you should vote in the state and county elections

STATE ISSUES: There are several critical seats up for election this November. Here's our take.

This November, Berkeley voters have the opportunity to bring their city new representation at the state level. There are several critical seats up for election, including governor, secretary of state and state Assembly member in the 15th District — and Californians must to do their civic duty by showing up to the polls.
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UC Board of Regents passes 3.5 percent out-of-state tuition hike

The 3.5 percent nonresident supplemental tuition hike amounts to an increase of $978, bringing out-of-state tuition up from $28,014 to $28,992. This vote sets the tone for the upcoming in-state tuition vote — a conversation that was postponed to May during a January meeting amid pushback, disagreements and protests.
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