Mo’ money, mo’ problems

Your Mom Goes To College

I had been billed a hefty $1,400 by Financial Aid. The charge read “Federal Pell Grant.” That was it. No explanation. Nothing.
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After the gender and women’s studies major, two alumni

Despite the well-known analogy of the “Melting Pot,” the sheer vastness of land mass and stark contrast in political convictions that both characterize the United States has led to pockets of conservatism and liberalism. Never mingling or melting, but merely existing alongside one another, Americans coagulate into spheres of influence
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The art of lecture-hopping at UC Berkeley

We’re all starting to reach that point in the semester. Our mind-blowing gender studies class now feels as basic as yesterday’s iced vanilla latte. That one professor who we idolized those first few weeks now is the bane of our existence. Yet our eyes and ears and hearts continue to wander.
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