Learning to unlearn

Hopping the Pond

I’m an only child with two lesbian mothers, but I attended a boys’ school for most of my life. From as early as I can remember, school was a male space and the home was a female space.
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Photo of Merve Ozedmir

Test tubes and makeup rules

A Modern Feminist?

We have been taught to think, from a very young age, that an intelligent person, a scientist, looks a certain way, which often isn’t very feminine.
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Photo of Nicholas Clark

Conceal, don’t feel


Maybe I was born with it or maybe it was the five pounds of makeup on my face, but I felt like I was in a Maybelline commercial as I strutted to class.
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Dresses, skirts, baggy shirts

Thinking Outside the Binary

I erased the preconceived notion that nonbinary was a strictly androgynous gender, and realized it is, instead, a rejection of any binary or trinary.
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The L-word

Sex on Tuesday

What kinds of desire have I ignored toward the goal of rendering myself simple enough to be legible to my family?
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I am not diversity

git reset

Over the years, I’ve recognized that my appearance is perhaps the only outlier in this tech community that overwhelmingly represents individuals like me.
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