UC Regents must address discrimination on campus

How many sex discrimination and harassment complaints against the University of California does it take for the UC Board of Regents to understand that it has a very serious problem on its hands and take action? I am a longtime plaintiffs civil rights and employment attorney in Oakland and a
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Naked in public

The Sidebar

Writing this column has not only forced me to confront one of the most private things in my life but also to do it in view of the whole fucking school. It’s like getting naked in public every week — everybody can see everything.
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But are they, y’know, gay?

Heading West

“Bless your heart” means so much more than its literal sentiment. On the surface it means just that, a blessing — but in reality, it is often used as a way to insult a person without technically speaking ill of them. That’s common in the South; there is always more
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Interview: Neil Lawrence, Drag Show Organizer

I first noticed Neil Lawrence when he sat four rows behind me in Professor Lee’s English 45C class. He was the source of the first, “That’s so Berkeley” text I set back to my parents in Cleveland. “Today,” I wrote them, “Prof. Lee asked if there were any Communists in
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Do you love your penis?

Sex on Tuesday

I spent a large portion of my youth with a pretty severe penis envy: I was obsessed with the idea that having a dick would make life so much easier, not to mention way more fun. I wanted to piss on shit with no regard for authority, to whip out my wang in the middle of a middle-school assembly like the psychotic kids I looked up to — I wanted to brag about my big balls in the locker room and woo the ladies with low-resolution dick pics from my Motorola RAZR.
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